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Hot Current News
New Developments in St Lucia PDF Print E-mail

The word is out, St Lucia is the place to be. And why not, St Lucia happens to be a gem among the Caribbean Island. Being one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean due to its superb beaches and amazing weather, known well for the picturesque twin peaks of the Pitons to picture perfect fishing villages and from world only walking volcano "Sulphur Springs" to some of some of the most breath-taking beaches and small water falls you will ever see. We already host a great number of world-class hotels and resorts and there are a great number to come.

The Reserve
Unlike other large developments on the island, The Reserve offers just 7 luxurious waterfront residences with two and three bedrooms with a large swimming pool hidden in a 12’000 sq ft. lush tropical garden. The Reserve steps from a private marina where yachts can be safely moored, ready to let you cruise around the Caribbean’s wonderful inlets.

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Award Winning ICE (innovation Corporate Entertainments)



Voted Best Entertainment in St Lucia for the past 19 Years


Join Innovation Corporate Entertainment (ICE) at the St.Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2015. Year on Year the ICE Entertainment Team continues to deliver outstanding events, creating memorable holiday experiences. 

St.Lucia Rocks!!! The Tourist board is bringing some of the worlds most acclaimed Jazz, R&B and World Music artists to it's shores. Look out for the line up!!!  

2015 is going to be even BIGGER with Island Jams joining the ICE family!.  Don't miss out on the Holiday of a Lifetime!!!!!


A fantastic holiday offer… St. Lucia Jazz Festival 2015 from as little as £1099 for 7 nights  includes - Flights, Hotel, ICE Entertainment Pass and Airport Transfers

BOOK NOW - £100 secures your holiday. (Monthly Easy payment plan)

  • Fly Virgin Atlantic or British Airways to St. Lucia and spend 7, 10, or 14 nights on the beautiful island of St.Lucia.
  • Accommodation at some of our top boutique hotels or villas 
  • Attend one of the best Jazz Festivals in the world at a fantastic location overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Enjoying the performances of some of the most celebrated names in Jazz, R&B.Reggae - look out for this years line up in january 2015
  • Free entry to all ICE parties including the famous Hector Selector Catamaran party, pool and beach parties, theme events and much more!  
  • Top DJ's from London, Manchester & Birmingham bringing you amazing 
  • See the island in style ( air conditioned coaches ) and join the fun....Ziplining, Spring Baths, Drive in Volcano 
  • Or… just chill out on one of the islands many beaches 

NOT included:, Airport Taxes, Travel Insurance, entry tickets to Jazz/World Music shows

Select your holiday below and call an ICE Representative who will provide you with all the information your require. 

Karen: +44 07956 403207        Gale:  +44 0203 598 9656     




7 nights


9 nights


14 nights


5th – 12thMay

3rd – 12thMay

1st – 15thMay








Coco Palm







Coco Palm (patio garden suites)







CoCo Kreole







Bay Gardens Inn







Bay Gardens Hotel







Harmony Suites – classic suite







Harmony Suites – premium







Harmony Suites - luxury









             CLick  ICC St lucia jazz gallery 2015

















A Future In Sports Tourism PDF Print E-mail

St. Lucia has only one 18-hole golf course, for now. The St. Lucia Golf and Country Club at Cap Estate is a 71-par championship course, and one of the finest in the Caribbean. However, the national development plan calls for up to 4 golf courses in St. Lucia.

"Golfing is about a destination and not a golf course," says Lawrence Samuel, the Chief Operations Officer at the St. Lucia Golf and Country Club. 

Active ImageHis organization has taken the initiative and already plays host to several popular regional and international tournaments that attract hundreds of neighbouring Caribbean teams.

The Desmond Skeete Memorial Tournament is held during the St. Lucia Jazz Festival season, in the month of May. This charity tournament attracts dozens of local and regional teams. Upon completion of the 18-hole competition, golfers are treated to a live concert entitled Jazz on the Green.

 Active Image
The St. Lucia Golf Open is a two-day 36-hole tournament that draws teams from all over the Caribbean. It features several titles, naming champions in the five categories of Men, Women, Junior, Senior and Super Senior.

The Rotary Club of Gros Islet Golf Tournament is held in November. The Caribbean Hotel Association Tournament and the Inter-Island Club Tournaments add to the tournament calendar on the island.

However, the most exciting event is the Sir Vivian Richards Golf Tournament, played under the auspices of this West Indian "Living Legend" of Cricket – otherwise known as the "Master Blaster". The Sir Vivian Richards Golf Tournament is held annually to coincide with the tour of the visiting international test cricket team. Most of the participating golfers are recognized cricketing champions or well-known international cricket media personalities.

Chris Harries, Director at the St. Lucia Golf Resort and Country Club, revealed that major cricketing heroes such as Jeff Dujon, one of the region’s best wicket-keepers ever, Gordon Greenidge, Ian Bishop, Ian Botham and Sir Garfield Sobers have all participated within the last 2 years.

"Last year, six ex-captains of the English test cricket team entered the tournament," noted Harries. "Fans came to the golf club in droves and were amazed to get so close to their cricket heroes."
The potential of this event has yet to be fully exploited.

"This sport’s icon has lent his name free of charge to this tournament and has participated every year. The competition needs more exposure," says Reds Perreira, Sports tourism officer at the St. Lucia Tourist Board.
Lawrence Samuels agrees but he says that the golfing infrastructure needs to improve.

"The Sir Vivian Richards tournament should be played on a different course every year," he says. "When golfers go to a golf destination, they want to play two or three courses, not just stay on one."

The next five years promises to be exciting for golf in St. Lucia. Major projects will come on stream. Cap Estate is poised to welcome the island’s premier Jack Nicklaus 18-hole signature golf course, the Pointe at Cas en Bas. This course will be accompanied by luxury villa and condominium residences as well as a five star hotel. Completion is scheduled for 2009.

The developers of the Westin Le Paradis Beach and Golf Resort on the rugged eastern coastline of St. Lucia announce a January 2008 launch. Encompassing a one-mile stretch of shoreline and 600 acres of prime real estate, this development will also feature an 18-hole Greg Norman championship golf course.

These projects will enhance the golfing potential in St. Lucia. The sport attracts the high end of the tourism market. It is also a fast growing sector.

"There is stiff competition for the golfing market but there is plenty of room for everyone as golfing continues to grow by 5 percent a year. It is one of the fastest growing sports in the world," says Lawrence Samuel.

The Cap Estate developers plan to capitalize on this potential. They are building a hotel in the middle of the existing golf course. They are exploring the possibility of establishing a Jack Nicklaus Academy on the island.
"That will give us an edge," says Lawrence Samuel.

Cap Estate hopes to host the Caribbean Junior Championships in 2007. A golfing alliance with the London Club is currently under negotiation.

Home Selling Tips PDF Print E-mail

There are many things that are important when you sell your house and the list here is definitely not an exhaustive one. The following brief is to give you the basic guidelines to get the best deal from the sale of your house. 

 Active ImageActive ImageActive Image

  1. Choose the right real estate agent: While it is okay if you want to sell your house directly - and you are confident you can pull it through - it is usually better if you have a good professional real estate agent to do this job for you. To know whether the agent is a good one you watch out for:
    1. The agent should have good references with a good turn over of recent listings; ask for names of recent client.
    2. Before deciding make discreet enquiries about the agent in your neighborhood, amongst your friends and relative.
    3. The agent should be easy to talk to. If you do not find yourself comfortable talking or asking questions, then definitely this is not the right agent for you.
    4. Choose an agent who can show you the minus points as well - one who speaks frankly - or you will never know why your house is not getting sold.
  2. Price your house well: Research the market before fixing a price for your house. Beware of the fact that most house-owners think their house is worth more than the market value. Be realistic and fix a price that the house really deserves plus a give and take of 10-15% for negotiations.
  3. Ensure that the house makes a good impression at first sight (and later as well):
    1. You will need to first of all have the house painted and cleaned thoroughly. The windows will need to be washed, shined; the walls cleaned (repainted preferably); courtyards should be free from any clutter and garbage or any waste; lawns should be mowed and garden maintained (even if that means to keep a part-time gardener); check that both the interiors and exterior are clean and give an open appearance; pay particular attention to toilets and kitchen cleanlines.
      1. If you are still living in the house when you have put your house for sale, remove all the clutter and keep the rooms furnished to a bare minimum. Remove clutter from staircases, closets and all those nook and corners in the house. Have the house aired, vacuumed and dust-free. The feeling and look of space always creates a good impression.
      2. Maintenance & repairs: Check that the plumbing is in order and there are no leaking taps and/or pipes; check that the wiring is okay in the house, the house should be well illuminated both inside and outside for a bright and welcoming look; oil doors which creak, repair stairs that creek, and replace/repair any window that are not closing, or bangs when the wind blows; check and replace loose door/ window knobs.
      3. Ensure the front door has a welcoming appearance: The front of the house should be welcoming enough for the prospective buyer to feel good about entering into it; have a good door installed if your door is dull and ensure that it is impressive; have the foyer well illuminated and tastefully decorated. Ensure that the doorbell is functional.
      4. Pay sufficient attention to the back of the house: Many commit the mistake of dressing up the front and leaving out the back. Most buyers are just as particular with the back as they are the front. Ensure that the back yard, garage, and surrounding are clean, well maintained and de-cluttered. In fact the back yard, just as the toilets of a house, will tell the prospective buyer the real level of maintenance of the house.
  4. Lastly, be patient. You will definitely get the price you deserve for the house, and some times this takes longer. Stick to your guns, if you realistically priced your house, you will definitely get the price you quoted.
How To Sell Your Own House

First and foremost, you need to educate yourself on how real estate transactions happen. There are guides and plenty of books on the subject online. When you decided to sell your own house, you are considered a FSBO seller [for sale by owner]. This FSBO market is growing like mad, which means you can find form contracts and agreements ready made for your particular state.

 Active ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive ImageActive Image

  1. Determine the price of comparable homes in your neighborhood. This is going to give you a very good idea of what you can ask for your house when you put it on the market.
  2. Objectively look at your home and make a list of things that need to be fixed. Selling a house often comes down to the details. Buyers are making a big investment, so they are going to be very picky about little things.
  3. List your house online with photographs at a site like
  4. Post flyers or ads in your local property listings magazines.
  5. Put a sign on your lawn indicating you are selling.
  6. On the sign post, put a box with flyers describing your home and the asking price.
  7. Hold open houses for buyers to view your house.
  8. Clean your house before all open houses - see home selling tips above. Add fragrant flowers to rooms, mow the lawn and so on.
  9. Get rid of your junk through a garage sale and the trash. This includes cleaning out the garage. Everything should be pristine.
  10. Create a documented record of all the improvements you’ve made to the home to show potential buyers.
  11. Become conversant in the offer, counteroffer process.
  12. Develop a clear understanding of what happens during closing and make sure you’ll be able to take care of your part.
  13. Figure out what you plan to do when you sell the house, to wit, are you going to buy another house and when will you move?

While these guidelines will take you a long way, it is important you understand the specific laws of land. Once you have those down, the process typically goes fairly smoothly. Considering you’ll save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions, any bumps in the road will be more than worth it.

Selecting a Real Estate Agent

The equity in your home is not to be overlooked since in most cases it is your biggest personal asset. So you should not trust your most important asset to just any real estate agent. You should seek the very best real estate agent in your area.

Finding a top real estate agent will make your transactions flow more smoothly, and potentially make considerably more money. The following pointers will help you single out an exceptional real estate agent and may prove to be indispensable steps for a homeowner.

  1. Collect names and contact numbers.
  2. Interview Agents
    Schedule appointments with at least three or more real estate agents, and be prepared. A prepared list of questions is good advice. Ask questions on the agents marketing techniques, follow-up methods and number of active listings, sales records and the option for cancellation of your listing.
  3. The working relationship with your agent is key to a successful transaction. After interviewing your perspective agents ask yourself, who seems to be the most sincere, and who do you think will respect your decisions best? Often your "gut feel" will be your most accurate. Consults other experts such as mortgage bankers, and escrow company personnel. Make sure that you prioritize your needs when contemplating which agent to choose.
  4. Take your time! It takes time, lots of thinking and work to make the right selection. If you find the "perfect" real estate agent, consider yourself fortunate. Now is the time when the real work begins.
But no matter how much work is involved, the whole process will work much more efficiently if you have selected the right agent. Selling your home without the assistance of a qualified realtor is difficult and ultimately cost you more money than you save.

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